Bob Sellers

Former CNBC & Fox anchor Bob Sellers is an Emmy-winning journalist with 25 years of experiencee in television who takes a non-partisan look at what's going on in Washington and helps audiences prepare for how it will affect them.

Bob has covered history-making events, everything from presidential elections, to the boom and bust on Wall Street, and the war in Iraq (where he reported live from Baghdad). His insight is based upon his experience, and not tainted by news networks that pick and choose topics or perspectives based on political leanings. Bob's loyalty is to his audience.

His interviews include business leaders like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban and many others. And his political interviews include George W. Bush, Mikhael Gorbachev and Benjamin Netanyahu.


As a former financial professional he also knows how to interpret changes in the financial landscape based upon historical patterns, and his connections inside the Beltway allow him to read the political trends and predict the direction of the economy, tax rates, and other developments that could affect individuals and their businesses. And as a business owner -- he is Managing Director of Message2Media, a public relations and media consulting company -- he knows how decisions in Washington can affect the bottom line. 

As the author of "Forbes Best Business Mistakes: How Today's Top Business Leaders Turned Missteps into Success," he has heard advice from some of the most successful leaders of our time, many of them household names and considered legends. He shares those stories in an enlightning and entertertaining way. Bob also contributes columns to and HuffPost and is a writing coach at Vanderbilt University.

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